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Lake Winnipeg Ice Shack Rentals

Weather you need a single shack for you and your friends or family; teambuilding with multiple shacks for you and your employees. 

We have you covered     

8x8 Shacks

Two 8ft long padded benches to sit on and 6 holes to fish from.

Comfortably accommodating 4 adults

8x10 Shacks

Two 10ft long padded benches to sit on and 6 holes to fish from. Comfortably accommodating 6 adults


  •  8x8 Shack Rental per day - $150

  • 8x10 Shack Rental per day - $150

  • Ice Fishing Rod Rental - $10 ea

  • Transportation to and from your shack - $20 per shack (6 persons max per round trip) 


If you are renting multiple shacks and would like them placed close together for a group setting 

the setup fee is additional:

  • $100 per shack (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

  • $150 per shack (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 

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